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We offer comprehensive cover for:

Mobile Phones, Laptops, Digital Cameras, Camcorders, Sat-Navs, PSP's, Ipods, Nintendo DS - ANY gadget up to £500 each is covered!!

All from £9.99 for 3 gadgets, £14.99 for 5 Gadgets!

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Welcome to Gadget Insurance. Protect your expensive gadgets & get instant gadget insurance with 48 hour replacement!

Do you need 3 or 5 gadgets insuring from only £9.99 per month?

Gadget Insurance offers comprehensive gadget insurance protection, including Liquid Damage, Accidental Damage, Theft Cover and Malicous Damage for all your expensive gadgets. If you need to claim on your policy your claim will be processed in only 48 hours.

You also get worldwide coverage which is perfect if you are taking your Mobile Phone, Digital Camera, Laptop or any other gadget on holiday and if you need your gadget replacing quickly don't forget we offer 48 hour replacement, guaranteed.

With our Gadget Insurance you are able to insure any 3 of your gadgets for only £9.99 per month or any 5 gadgets for an incredible £14.99 per year.

Gadget Insurance covers almost any gadget you have. If you are unsure if your gadget is covered contact us we will get back to you today.

All of the Family is Covered!
Guaranteed 48 hour Replacement
Accident, Liquid, Theft & Malicous Damage Cover
Loss (Mobile Phones)
Worldwide Cover
Policy Cost
Any 3 Gadgets (up to the value of £500 each)


Any 5 Gadgets (up to the value of £500 each)

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